March 18, 2012 § 3 Comments

I’ve not seen these in almost 7 years and when I found them today I remembered that day where she and I walked down to the tiny lake early in the morning and she was half naked most of the time. Poor thing. She was brave enough to lay down on the ice as well as walking on it.

Skirt and dress are both from T-Michael



March 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

I remember thinking when I first moved to London in 2005 and started my degree in Fashion Promotion and Illustration, that I would not stay in fashion for ever and that I would find myself very confused because there are so many thing I want to do in life. I have been very lucky to have traveled, meet new and exciting people I today can call friends and have been so fortunate to have experienced what NOT to strive for in life. When I get confused I make confusing illustrations to distract myself from everyday bullshit.

Here are something I did a long time ago and a new version I did today.


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Many years ago I did a kaleidoscope illustration of myself. At my most conceited hours I wish I had a room with this as wallpaper.



March 17, 2012 § 1 Comment

These are so cute and such an exclusive treat. “Ribbonesia” is and art project born in Sapporo, Japan by artist and illustrator “BAKU” Maeda. The creative team of 4 have been experimenting with 3 dimensional design and has found a new and fun way to create animals out of ribbons.


February 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Every week I have to check decor8 and this blog has never let me down. If I feel down or uninspired I will always find something that will cheer me up. This time I have fallen for this paper wall decoration. Last time I fell for paper it was Yulia Brodskaya amazing paper art and now this wall decoration. When I see this I want to start planing my own wedding. You don’t have to use strong colours. Imagine this in gray or white & cream scale. Amazing!

Pictures by Annie McElwain


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Eric Zener have been one of my favorite painters and mixed media artist for quite some time. It all started when I found his hyper realistic oil canvas paintings of girls diving. I just love this first one and I love to own one day.


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I found this short film ad a while ago looking for any inspiration for my newsletter at work. I think this is such a clever way to show how we are spending too much power on lights… The lights could not agree more as they cry their way through this film.