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Photos by ME


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Moschino AW13. Photo by Caroline Vike

This is my favorite Holga picture from Rio I took back in 2009. A photographer at my uni gave me an expired Agfa film to use for good times and the result is amazing with the number 11 and 12 clearly setting its mark on this old roll of film. Thank you James Stevens :)

Barra de Tijuca – Rio de Janeiro


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Love the colors!

Photo by Charles



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I love RIO and Brazil. If you ever get the chance to go  Рjust go to RIO and celebrate Carneval. Be happy!


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My favorite documentary is Babies. 4 babies from 4 very different places around the globe were followed from before birth until they could walk. The story is such a celebration of life and the wonders of human compassion and love. Here is a snapshot of the boy growing up in the remote mountains of Mongolia. He such a cool kid and very comfortable with his friend the goat.


Got beer!? JCP 13th Birthday Bash

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Any event company with respect for its profession should with out a doubt celebrate itself with the biggest birthday bash Oslo has ever seen. JCP did just that!




MUST SEE // Paris by night

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I’ve been to Paris a couple of times these past months and I have been lucky enough to stay on the 24th floor of Concord La Fayette. This view is pretty hard to find anywhere else in Paris. LOVE IT!



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