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Moschino AW13. Photo by Caroline Vike


Moschino AW13. Photo by Caroline Vike


Moschino AW13. Photo by Caroline Vike




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Moschino AW13. Photo by Caroline Vike

This is my favorite Holga picture from Rio I took back in 2009. A photographer at my uni gave me an expired Agfa film to use for good times and the result is amazing with the number 11 and 12 clearly setting its mark on this old roll of film. Thank you James Stevens :)

Barra de Tijuca – Rio de Janeiro


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One of my favourite places in Thailand is the old/new (depending on who you talk to) hippie place called Pai in the northern parts of the country. Although it is crowed by tourists and backpackers you will find some real awesome thai-people there and you can stay at huts like these I found at Paddy’s Field. Here you’ll have cows eating grass outside you portch and it’s just a short walk from the center of Pai. Perfect.

My dear Holga camera never fails to capture the essens of this place.

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